Tuesday, March 13

Now I'm scared!

This will be a very brief post. But at least it will be new.

I heard someone say recently on TV: "I try to do something every day that scares me." I wish I could recall exactly where I heard it. By the best of my recollection it was in an odd place. You would expect that to come from something inspirational like a TV preacher or perhaps a motivational speaker like Dr. Phil. But since I don't tend to watch either of those...I am certain that it wasn't.

I'm thinking that it was an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio (which I absolutely love) with the cast of Family Guy (which I'm pretty fond of as well). But since I quickly run out of space in the ol' DVR...the only episode of IAS that I still have available is the one with Betty White. But (as usual) I digress.

"I try to do something every day that scares me." Now THERE is a philosophy of life that I should learn to embrace. I try to do NOTHING every day that scares me. I like my comfort zone. I like doing what I know how to do in a place that is familiar. And then when I am thrown out of the roller coaster...I scramble very hard to get back IN!

But I'm going to try to change that. So...although I may not do something that scares me every day...I'm going to do something that scares me more often. Because a friend wrote this to me: "You've got a lot to offer, so ratcheting up the bar is something that you should do every now and then."

Ok. I'll try.

You guys try some too.

And tell me what it is - and how it works out for you.

I'll share my experiences but won't share yours unless you tell me it is ok.

Whoo...something scary. I guess the first one is telling the world I'm going to scare myself.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get my nephew Jack to take me for a drive.

Just kidding!! :)

{by the way...just found out that Eleanor Roosevelt said it. That isn't who I heard say it...but she did!}

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