Thursday, July 14

The 5 Minute Post

So - the test I have given myself for this evening is: can I create a blog post in 5 minutes?

The answer WILL be yes.

So I guess the REAL question is - can I create a GOOD post in 5 minutes?

Oh no...brain freeze...topic, topic, topic....

4 minutes to go.

Going to see Harry Potter 7.2 in the morning. I'm very excited. Although I must say that I am somewhat apprehensive of the crowd/chaos. I understand that as of Wednesday afternoon - the midnight showing was sold out in 14 theaters.

That is a lot of people. I am very hopeful that the nifty Regal Cinema will have the logistics all planned and it will go smoothly. I hate that moment when you walk into the theater and try to find seats. It takes me back to junior high when we started being able to sit wherever we wanted for lunch. And for quite awhile I was terrified that I would walk up to a group of people and they would all say "this seat is saved". And I would be standing there and people would be staring - and I would just be holding that tray.

For a few days I even sat with my cousin Nancy.

Though she was never totally thrilled with the idea. I was okay to hang out with in the summer - but since I was almost 2 years younger (though only a grade behind...) and a complete nerd (thus being a grade ahead)...I wasn't really that welcome.

But kudos to her for letting me hang out a bit.

Less than a minute.

I have to go watch Harry Potter 7.1 - so my time is up.

Hamster chafed.

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  1. i wish!! some of my posts take 90 minutes to write and longer to design. and for what?!! i think, sometimes, that i'm a supreme idiot!! xoxoxo