Monday, July 25

Monday....can't trust that day...

I'm tempted to write something political - after all I've just listened to the President and the Speaker talk about the debt ceiling.

But I think that it would just decay into a bitter rant about the lack of statesmen in government. I don't think that anything I would have to say will make a damn bit of difference. And that in itself is depressing.

I feel remarkably disconnected right now. My phone is missing.

I think it must be at the office. And it would be completely ridiculous to drive to the office to find it. I should be able to be apart from my Crackberry for 11 or 12 hours without going insane. Should be able. May have to take a sleeping pill tonight though.

How crazy is that? Once upon a time, I could be away from a communication device. As a kid I could run amok through the woods for hours at a time...I knew when it was time to go home because people would start yelling for their kids to come in for dinner. I particularly remember one neighbor calling her boys Melvin and Jeffry. Melvin comes out kind of shrill when you holler it. Or at least when she did. I don't believe I could ever date someone named Melvin now.

I will survive without my phone. I just keep thinking that somebody might need me. Or I might get a text from the team in Brazil. Or a call from the security company telling me that the alarm is going off at work. Or I might miss a comment on a blog post.

This is pathetic. I must remember that although I am the center of MY universe...I am not the center of THE universe. People continue to breathe in and out without my command and control. Perhaps I should be glad that my phone is missing.


I'll let you know tomorrow whether I gave up and drove to the office...but I'll try my best to resist. Breaking habits is hard to do.

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