Friday, July 22

Safe Arrival

I wrote on this blog not long ago about witnessing the beginnings of an incredible team of young adults. Read that post - or to briefly recap: there is a group of 6 young men and women in Brazil for the next two weeks.

They will be doing some outreach work in Curitiba the first week and during the second week they will be meeting some of the young adults active in the United Methodist Church in Brasilia. Brainstorming with enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and God-inspired Christians from two countries. I am breathless with anticipation. This endeavor has limitless possibilities. I can't wait to hear about the experiences.

Oh - that reminds me. They have a blog. So far it is just telling the followers that they are in Brazil. But they are going to try to post as much as technology allows.

Right now I'm very grateful that the travel part is done. I hear that one of the team lost a fingernail - but I believe that has been the only casualty so far.

And I'm also very excited because I will get to drive Suzie while
he's gone. I promise...he said that would be fine...


I'll stop lying.

But I'm still stealing the truck.

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