Friday, July 29

Synaptic Misfires post since Monday...that is some serious slacking off.

I will admit that it has been a busy week. We're two short at the office...well 1.5 anyway... And I had to edit the Spire. But it seems as though I should at least be able to do one of those 5 minute posts.

You see...I've been watching a certain blog during the past week. And although I know that the activities of a group of people in Brazil on a mission trip is FAR more interesting and important than my ramblings...I hope you guys aren't as disappointed when I go for days without a post. Because I am wishing that group would post a LOT more often than they have been able to.

Patience is a virtue.

I have other virtues.

Meanwhile back in Lynchburg... I'm trying to decide whether to wander off on a story, dream or political rant. As you know...I have no idea...

I'm too tired to whip up a good political rant. I think that the whole debt ceiling debate has become pretty sad. It is like watching 9 year old boys fighting on a playground. I have a real urge to go and bash Boehner and Obama's heads together.

I didn't get involved in many fights as a kid. I'm not really a fan of disruption. I'm uncomfortable with conflict - I joke that I would change the channel when the Bradys would start fighting. I don't think that I'm alone in feeling that way. Well...probably not to the point that television conflicts are bothersome. Hmmm....I'll be sure that my psychiatrist takes time to read my blog. I think that there is a wealth of topics for therapy sessions in here.

Oh, that's right...I don't see a psychiatrist.

Anyway - I think that a great many Americans are interested in our elected officials (I shall not call them leaders) finding compromise. We are tired of standing on the playground and listening to the two extremes yelling at each other. We would like to get back to our game of kickball or jacks.

Well...turns out there was a small rant in there after all.

I need to travel. Perhaps a long weekend in New York? I can't tell exactly why I feel the need to be someplace else...just know that I do. It takes some effort to carve out time away in my schedule...I find myself involved in so many things. It is rare to have a weekend without something planned.

Or perhaps it is just a good night's sleep that I need.

I'll be glad when things at work return to normal...whatever that is.

Hamster pretty darn beat.

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