Wednesday, July 6

Random thoughts and grammar questions...

Yesterday's post got a lot of hits. And the feedback was pretty positive. It is reassuring to know that the readers of The Beaten Hamster (if you keep clicking that link you'll just keep coming back to the same a demented Groundhog Day) understood where I'm coming from.

But I want anybody who is tuning back in today to see what I have to say next to know...I rarely beat the same hamster two days in a row. It may be that I'll have something else to say about Casey Anthony or trials in general - it may not. I'm pretty unpredictable that way.

What can you predict about reading the Beaten Hamster?

- I'll post about 4 times a week. When I try to do 7 then I get all crazy guilty if I miss one...then it leads to lame postings.

- I will wander off topic at the drop of a hat. Which reminds me...does anybody still sell hats the have sizes like 6 3/4? Or are all hats just small, medium and large?

- Does anybody still learn how to diagram sentences? I was really good at that. But I wonder what some of my sentences would look like in a diagram...

- I write pretty much stream-of-consciousness (although I always have to use spell check to get the word "consciousness" correct. {just misspelled it twice - in two different ways. [and also misspelled "misspelled"]}) Yeah - somebody send THAT to an English teacher. I think the diagram would be Escher-like.

- Heck, the rest you can figure out if you keep coming by. But don't feel like you have to swing by every day...I'm rarely so topical that you can't catch up once a week.

And no, I don't really beat hamsters. That's just sick.

But there is a cat and several squirrels that are begging for it...

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