Monday, April 4

An Equal Measure

Yesterday's post sparked an interesting mix of conversation. Blog readers who aren't facebook friends (and why would that be? I'll be your friend!) or who don't arrive via the facebook link may not have noticed. The only comment as of this moment is from my friend Lee. He's super cool - I like he and his family a whole lot. Lee seems like a balanced person. I'd like to sit down sometime with him and break bread...I think that he would be an interesting person to chat with for an afternoon.

(I have this incredibly tempting rabbit trail I want to go down about the longest lunch I ever had. There are two good stories in there...but I'm going to stay on topic. But somebody ask me about that sometime...)

And a moment ago I saw the conversation in another light - and it struck me so - that I have put down a very delicious looking dinner to write it down.

Below the posts are an interactive way to remark on the quality and subject matter - Reactions. I've got three choices for you: Amusing, Thought-Provoking, and Odd. You can click on one of those - you don't have to register or write or think very hard about it. Just a reaction.

Yesterday's posts (currently) are equally split between "Amusing" and "Thought-Provoking". You can read it for yourself by hitting "Older Post" - it's WAYYYY down there...on the right. But the topic was striving to be less of a Nit Picker and more of a Picnicker. I am deeply philosophical this evening on the balance of Amusing and Thought-Provoking-ness of my writings yesterday.

I will attempt to verbalize my train of thought (this will not be train travels
like the great glass elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - sideways and slantways and backways and frontways).

There are some people who have matured - emotionally, not necessarily chronologically - to a point beyond Nit Picking. I'm not saying that is a lot of people. But those look on that pettiness of endless nitpicking with amusement. And there are folks who - looking at themselves on a deep level who - perhaps like me - realize the areas that we nit pick when we aren't being aware of it. They find it thought-provoking to consider.

And both those types of people are probably pretty much picnickers at heart - embracing the moments in life that are really important.

I know a whole lot of picnickers. What other folks would read a blog called The Beaten Hamster? You've got to have a lot of picnic in your heart to embrace the quirkiness of the author.

Going back to my dinner now. As soon as I go heat it back up.

Navel gazed. Hamster embracing the abundance of life's picnic.

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