Monday, April 11

Quest for Motivation

A brief post on posting...

I've come to the end of another day...and I still haven't posted. I told myself that if I got out of the shower and one of my housemates was on the computer - I'd give myself a free pass to another night. Should've known this would be one of those nights that they would both go to "read" (which really means looking at a book until it hits one of them in the nose.
The other of them reads lying on her stomach - so she smacks her face DOWN into the book. Um...I think this might be an indicator of who I'm talking about...oops)

So - in actuality, I accomplished several things tonight. As I drove home, I had great and lofty goals for myself. I was going to take a walk up the street, get any recycling out of my vehicle, check the water and chemicals in the hot tub, clean my room, vacuum, take out the trash, take out the recycling, change the sheets and try to figure out why the cat is acting weird. Oh - and continue my tasks of not drinking Coke, eating McGriddles or watching Toddlers and Tiaras. So THAT list IS complete!! Um - of the other list?

I didn't take that walk. Why? Especially after seeing my friend Sheila Diane this weekend who has been walking and not smoking and didn't want any Tootsie Rolls at the river (well - frankly, after we figured out that the mouses had been in them - nobody wanted them). She's doing so awesome. But I didn't take that walk. I think it was because I saw neighbors out and didn't want to explain that I was walking up the road for no particular reason. Why should that matter? Perhaps I will speak to my head shrinking friend about that...

And I forgot to get the recycling out of the truck...but I'm pretty sure it is just a couple of newspapers. But I did add water and found the hot tub chemical levels were perfect! And I did get the trash out of my half of the house, took out my recycling, vacuumed and spoke with the cat. Still no idea why it is acting weird - and the sheets (and adding water to my bed...) will wait until tomorrow.

So...when I was getting ready for bed...I knew there was one more thing to do...
Entertain you by talking about absolutely nothing.


Tomorrow, another list. Just need to remember to be inspired by the good examples of people in my life who "just do it". Perhaps next I should give up procrastination. I had a book about that - but I never got around to reading it. And that's not even a joke.

Maybe I loaned it to Mom...I'll go check under her head...

Hamster motivation level = 2.5 stars out of 4. Maybe tomorrow will be even better. WWCD?


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