Friday, April 15

Look!! New art!!

Thanks to my awesome friend Chuck Taylor (the writer, not the shoe) I have a nifty new header!! It is 100% cool! What a great surprise - he was working on design stuff for another friend's new blog and just did this on a wild impulse.

He actually asked if I minded! What - are ya crazy??? I get something cool for my collection of synaptic misfires and I would mind?

As always - I urge you to run over to his blog and read it: The Smoking Nun. He's uber-talented. I'm just goofy. I do warn you - sometimes his posts are full of delightfully attractive lightly dressed men. It's all very tastefully done, I assure you.

And the most incredible thing that I just discovered?? Chuck mentioned my blog!!! I've arrived! Now I've got to get my act together and post regularly. I've been kind of lame this past week. I'd make excuses - but then what would I write about later?

Will ramble more later - I'm working!


  1. heheheheh - re: your warning ~ well, sometimes my daughter's blog is full of delightfully attractive lightly dressed men too - :D I think even The Mama can handle it!

  2. We all know that Chuck is awesome! And he has made another awesome person's blog look even better.

    Love one of the Elvas