Sunday, April 24

Last tail lights are up the hill...

It is time for a nap. It is 7:30pm and I need a nap.

What a wonderful day!! Easter has always been a favorite holiday and today was no exception. It was a bit less chaotic at church this morning than last week. Last week I had a mini-Seder meal to prepare, some sound design stuff to do (mostly accomplished by Carl), the choir did two pieces and during one of those I was part of an antiphonal trio (antiphonal meaning we pretty much echoed what the choir sang).

Today was relaxing - taught Sunday School, practice with trio and then choir for this morning's cantata, some sound design stuff (mostly accomplished on Saturday)... Okay, not exactly relaxing but what a fantastic job by the choir and the other two members of our trio!! We performed the Easter section of Allen Pote's A Season to Celebrate. It has a little 80's rock opera feel to it and I really liked it. People were very complimentary of the job everyone did (including my narration) and I think that Mom's payments must have gotten to everybody on time!

After church a bunch of family and friends gathered at our house for lunch and Easter egg hunting. That made me think back to 5 or 6 years ago when it rained on Easter. Jack and a friend were hunting for eggs inside. This was before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and at one point I realized that some of the eggs had been hidden on my person while I was snoozing. Ha ha, my sisters are SO funny.

It was a beautiful day. The food was delicious (including my contribution: beenie weenies with no beenies) and the 20-ish of us had a great afternoon. Slowly people trickled away and now the three housemates have been left alone again (yay!) and quiet reins over the land. I love my family. I love my nephews and niece. But now, I am ready for a nap. Or maybe it is just time for bed...whoot I'm tired!

Hamster beaten.

But the good news?

He is Risen!!

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