Sunday, April 3

Nit Pickers and Picnickers

Nit Pickers and Picnickers was the topic of today's sermon. I've said it before (well - maybe not here) and I'll say it again...that Rick Ecklund is one heck of a speaker. He combines a great balance of humor and serious message.

Nit Pickers are easy to point out (although I wasn't allowed to do that during the sermon - my friend Karen said that would be inappropriate). Um...that may make me a Nit Picker right there!

But as he said - they're the people that can find the dark cloud in every silver lining. "what a beautiful wedding - but I think the bride could have lost a couple pounds." "what a lovely day - it'll probably storm later" "I love your city - the taxes must be high!"

But as much fun as it is to point out THOSE people...the nit pickers. (once again - I'm pretty sure that makes ME one!)

That isn't where the sermon ended.

Nope. Because on the other end of the spectrum are the Picnickers. As Rick pointed out - they are the people who are willing to put up with a little discomfort, like sitting on the ground and sharing food with bugs - to enjoy the sun and fun of a picnic. Picnics have always been among my favorite experiences. I love the food of picnics - chicken, hot dogs, chips, trail mix. Of course, in my family picnics could also include the unusual like goat cheese or pickled okra.

Picnics are almost always in fun places - parks, beaches, hiking trails. I remember some great picnics at the pool when I was a kid. We belonged to a community pool - and some days we'd get down to the pool early in the afternoon and swim until dinner time. By then I was waterlogged and STARVING!!

Mom would arrive with a bag full of good stuff. Potted meat, Vienna sausages (that I'm pretty sure aren't really from Vienna), saltines and sardines...cheese and crackers and I'm sure
there was probably some lunch meat and bread. My favorite thing in the bag was always Penrose Hot Sausages. They're a crazy little pickled sausage and I loved them. Haven't had them in ages!

Anyway - my point (and I think it was Rick's point too) is that there are folks who can forgo the comforts of table, silverware and napkin for the joy of a picnic. And there are some people who can find discomforts at even the most beautiful table (pardon me waiter, there is a spot on my salad fork...).

I know I can be both kinds of people - I want to try harder to be a picnicker and spend less time nit picking. I think I can do it. I think we all can.

Hamster beaten.

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  1. Good review Chris! I printed it for future reference. Lee Boyd