Monday, April 18

Guilty of the Sin of Gluttony - but for a good cause!!

all I have to say is "dang - I'm stuffed!"

Okay, if that were really ALL I had to say then this would be a ridiculously short post. One that Chuck would never have found acceptable. And I have a great deal of respect for Chuck.

What am I talking about? The annual event "Lynchburg Cooks for Hunger Relief". And I know there will be a couple of you at the end of this post (or middle) who will say "oh Thanks Chris, tell me about this AFTER it's over. u suck." (yeah....u no who u r...and ur rite...I do)

Lynchburg Cooks - as I understand it - was the brain child of local restaurateur Rob Pearson. Read a bit about Charley's And it is fantastic. The event is a fundraiser for local charities that fight hunger. This year the charities are Bedford Christian Ministries, DAWN (Donation-A-Neighbors) and Park View Community Missions.

The one closest to my heart this year is Park View Community Missions which is part of Park View United Methodist Church. This is a scrappy little project started by a scrappy congregation that saw a need in the neighborhood they are a part of. And they are in a neighborhood in need - they feed 80-100 people each week on Wednesday nights; they give clothes and food; they are representing kindness in the world.

And I know that the other two charities are also doing great work. And because of the generosity of a bunch of local restaurants - those programs will get a much needed boo$t to their budgets. And those of us who were wise enough to get tickets (um, thanks Mom for getting us tickets...) - we got to enjoy that generosity. The event works like this: you buy a ticket for 25 bucks - you get to spend 2 hours sampling food from about 20 restaurants and drinking.

I tried some great food (and beer - there's this beer from Pennsylvania called Golden Monkey that I just loved!!) from some places that I don't always get to. This is about my 5th or 7th time attending. Sometimes I work a shift behind the bar... For about the last 4 years I have looked forward to these awesome crawfish from a place called Perkys. The place is in ALTAVISTA for crying out loud!! But they make the best crawfish I've ever eaten.

Tonight I had to send somebody else for my 3rd and 4th samples...gets embarrassing!! Now, I have to admit that I still haven't been to the restaurant itself...but I plan to...and I will give full review here when I do!

The event is fantastic - the restaurants trot out some of their best, there is a great variety, and the beer/wine flow... It's a pretty good deal. And it is for a good cause! Now if they'd just turn down the music a little...or am I just getting to be an old fart?

But I've got to say - that at the end of a Monday that was also TAX DAY! - that is one heck of a way to start a week!! Fund raising doesn't get any better than this!

chillin' hamster

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