Friday, February 18

Surfing the Stats

So...I have a confession to make. I look at the stats on my blog. And I'm not sure what to think about that.

For those of you who read blogs but don't write them (and those of you who never looked under the "Stats" tab)...there is an area you can look at that tells you how many page views you've had. You can see how many there are in any given day...or week...or all time. You can even see "Now" - I think that looking at that is kind of needy though.

You can also see how many views a particular post has gotten. So I present to you: my thoughts on my top 3 viewed posts so far: (oh...and no, I haven't looked at what they are before I started writing this! Ride the wave...)

Ah..."Random Sunday Evening Thoughts" - I know why this one had a lot of views. This one described a dream that I had. And it was strange. But within the dream was one of my sisters. At first I don't name who it is...but then near the end of the post I name her, and everyone was surprised at who it was. I just reread it...dang, that was funny.

Alright. A couple paragraphs above I was just looking for a quick post and this seemed like a fun idea. But sometimes I make the mistake of not thinking through my statements like "Ride the wave" without remembering God's sense of humor. When I went to cut and paste the top three post addresses from the Stats Page...I had not thought about what might be in that group. Then I realized that I was going to have to relive the event of Late Night Post.

It was two weeks ago. I thought about that tonight when I drove past the spot it happened. I have to drive past there a lot. It is the way to work and back most days. I still can't help but glance at the physical reminder - a cracked curb. Not sure when I will stop noticing it. Jenny gave her all to keep her driver safe from harm. Thanks girl. I still hold out hope for your return.

Not good to dwell, but important to remember. In an instant things happen - tell people you love them ALL the time.

Now seriously. I don't have ANY idea why this post has twice the number of views as #2. Either it is because there really ARE people who didn't know (like me) that you could adjust the height of your seatbelt...OR someone is using an old bookmark and wondering why I never write anything new. Mom?

OK, now having taken the next step and re-read the's another car wreck!! I must find some more upbeat ramblings.

Oh - and in case you are wondering - you actually are able to tell the stat page NOT to track your own page views. Otherwise my stats would be much higher. Which brings me back to the original point I was making (if you are still following me down this rabbit trail...). I look at my blog's stats. And I'm not sure what I think about that.

I think I have decided that just wondering who the numbers represent...well, that's kind of a cool mystery to me...One that I don't want to solve - I don't know if there is a way to see who is reading or where they are from. Probably there is. But I think I will just enjoy wondering.

Navel gazed...hamster beaten.

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