Thursday, September 6


There are some clock times that mean something special to some people. Maybe you have a warm fuzzy feeling at midnight or always make a wish when you see that it is 2:22. And of course, there is that 4:20 thing (if you don't know, you can google it...).

I recall hearing my mentor Joe Campbell discuss clock times once. He said that he often awoke during the night to see that it was 1:11 or 3:33. He found it remarkable that his subconcious mind would align to particular times.

For me, it has become 11:11. I find that several times a week I will notice on my clock, phone or computer that the time is 11:11. I take a moment then to say a special prayer for a dear friend who also has an affinity for 11:11. When I was getting ready to plug my phone in (and skip has been one heck of a day and I was willing to take strike 2 in my 30 day challenge) I saw the time. First I ask special blessings and a shield of protection around my friend Toni. And then I think I will broaden my prayer to include all of hamsters.

It is good to take an opportunity to step back and send good wishes and prayers to your friends. I'm glad that 11:11 reminds me to do it!
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