Friday, September 7

i haz a nu fone

I spent a very long time hanging out at the US Cellular store this evening. They were a little short handed, but after I had been there for an hour...I figured I might as well see it through to the bitter end. A couple of weeks ago my Mom broke her phone. Physically ... the little LG had just had enough. She managed to keep using it even though the top part of the flip phone became impotent and would sometimes shut off calls inadvertently.

So - I upgraded and have now set my old Blackberry up for Mom to use. I even spent an hour this evening adding the contacts she had in her phone that I didn't have. I figured "how many people could she have in there that I don't already have in my phone?" - silly me. She had dozens of people in her phone that I didn't have in mine!!

Then I decided to start playing with my phone. I was looking to see if the pics in my phone had transferred over and I found this folder with several hundred pictures in it...not from my phone (which only held about 25 because I never have put any extra memory in it). After I deleted a few dozen I realized why they looked so familiar. They are from my blog's photo gallery. ummm....oops. So, if you decide to start reading backward through blog posts you'll eventually get to about a dozen posts that have broken link pictures. Those would be the pictures I deleted from my gallery. Not my from my phone....from my web gallery.

I'm a dingbat.

I'll get the hang of this sooner or later!

At least when my Mom reads this she'll know that everyone makes mistakes - even her genius daughter.

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  1. HAHA, good ol' Google (Blogger, Gmail, etc.) and their "sync" features !! I'm glad you figured it out..a lotta' folks don't !! lol