Wednesday, September 19

Random Conversation Starter

Another night - another post - another brain freeze...

Tonight I am going to pull questions from the Random Conversation Starter!

What celebrity do you like to follow? Okay - I don't tweet. It isn't that I don't know how - I just got bored with it very fast. So I don't "follow" anyone. Unless the questions isn't referring to Twitter!! Then the question could be interpreted as what celebrity would you like to stalk?!? I can honestly say that I have never really stalked a celebrity - all of my victims have been regular people! I have encountered a few celebrities through the years...most recently I got to see Susie Fogelman when I was in Chelsea Market in NYC. For all of you who are saying to yourselves "who?" - she is the Senior VP of Marketing for Food Network and one of the judges of Next Food Network Star. I was totally psyched when I saw her at the news stand - but out of respect for her privacy (she was wearing a hat and clearly trying to keep a low profile) I just gave a her little nod and said "Susie" (I'm certain that she understood that I was conveying the message "I really respect your work"). But when I noted my close encounter on Facebook...few of my friends understood my excitement. Ah well.

Who do you have on your speed dial? Speed dial? Everyone is on speed dial now...I just say "Hello Galaxy. Call ***** home/mobile/work" and it happens. Speed delightfully antiquated! I suppose the next question will be asking how long my phone cord is? Okay, it isn't THAT bad. But how quickly we get used to the new technological advances...I'm even learning how to tell Galaxy to text ***** instead of being frustrated by that dang touch screen keyboard. But I think that if I did have speed dial and could only put 8 people in it (#9 has to be emergency number) then my top 8 would include Mom, Dad, Karen, Denise... well, basically the other 6 people in my immediate family. And then the other two would be....Carl (because I call him a lot and can't remember the actual number) and my friend Toni (because she always gives me great advice and is the best sounding board that I know).

Who is the most famous person you have met? Seriously? I think we covered that in question #1, didn't we? No, Susie Fogelman isn't the most famous person that I've met. There are a lot of local celebrities that I have talked with extensively...from politicians like Bob Goodlatte and Steve Hillcats General Manager Paul Sunwall (a Kiwanis brother) artists and performers.... But I guess the question is really about the person that most people would know. Also on the streets of New York, I ran into Timothy Busfield. But I think that the celebrity connection that I always pull out of my hat is the fact that I am only TWO degrees separated from Kevin Bacon. I was directed in a musical by one of Kevin Bacon's first acting teachers. He was kind of a jerk. Not Kevin Bacon - the director. This means that all of YOU are now only THREE degrees from Kevin Bacon...since you know ME!!

Last one: What is your least favorite part of the day? That is the easiest question of all. Morning. I despise waking up. Certainly there are lovely parts to mornings...the dew on the grass, the fog rising off the river, the birds singing...the sunrise. And if they could move all of those things to early afternoon - I would enjoy them much more!!

Another hamster beaten!!

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