Sunday, September 9

Random Topic Generator #2

Strike 2 in the "post every day for 30 days challenge" was used up yesterday. I can barely use my new phone's keyboard fast enough to send texts...not sure when I'll be good enough with it to make a post to the blog!! And I'm not sure that random pictures of my cat and river cat would constitute a post.

And yet, I find myself with little creative energy and even less patience this evening...but instead of another random recipe from my unpublished cookbook (Oh my God, they're in the Driveway) I offer another random topic posting from the Random Topic generator: (I will pick from one of the first three topics offered)

#1 - Sports Almanacs (oh please, let the next topic be better)
#2 - Analog vs. Digital Sound (well...could be worse)
#3 - History of Soccer (oh crap)

My thoughts on Analog vs. Digital Sound...which I shall expand to include Analog vs. Digital anything. I like analog clocks. I think I actually register what time it really is better if I look at an analog clock than a digital. And since I haven't worn a watch for about 20 years...clocks are what I rely on for telling time.

I am enjoying the ability to take digital pictures with my phone but I still have a great deal of affection for my "analog" (read: film) camera. But I realize that I haven't used it since last year when I was at the beach and I'm not sure I developed the film from that trip. So...anyone in the market for a completely refurbished Olympus OM10?

And to the topic that the Random Topic Generator picked for me...analog vs. digital sound. I have any number of friends who have very strong opinions on this topic. My friend Chuck who is a writer in the music industry would probably discuss the rapid changes in the music industry due to the increase of things like digital downloads and web distribution of new music. My brother Gordon would likely talk about the differences in sound quality. And others would talk about how records have a unique warm quality that is missing from digitized music (including CDs...don't even get them started on MP3s).

I don't care. I don't hear much difference between my CDs and the streaming music I listen to on my Rhapsody account. In my car I listen to public radio 95% of the time anyway. If that makes me less of a person, I don't care about that either.

I'll write a better post tomorrow. For tonight - at least no money is going to the Romney campaign.

(Speaking of campaigns though...saw The Campaign yesterday and it was HILARIOUS!! Go see that - no matter what side of the political aisle you sit on.)

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  1. Hi, love your blog!

    Not sure when this was posted, but I'm actually in the market for a refurbished OM10...

    I'm in London.

    haylee. solomons@ gmail. com