Saturday, September 15

Random Saturday Post

random disconnected thoughts...

- I am working on tomorrow's Sunday school lesson for the Sr. High Youth. We are nearing the end of discussion of World Religions and Christian denominations. Tomorrow is Mormonism. I have 12 pages of research to turn into a cohesive presentation.

- I think that it would be ironic if I skipped posting tonight. Because that would be my third strike in my quest to post every day for 30 days...and because of my self-imposed penalty - I would have to donate $100 to Mitt Romney's campaign.

- It would be ironic because he is a Mormon.

- Those first three thoughts were not exactly disconnected.

- Worked on weeding a garden at the church today. Wire grass may be a tool of the devil...

- I have always said that decaffeinated coffee is a tool of the devil. Because of the cost of the de-caffeination process, they must have to cut costs somewhere in order to make decaf and high test coffee cost about the same. So I assume that the coffee beans are lesser quality. That means that in addition to the fact that the cup of decaf is lacking is also made from sub-par beans.

- Sometimes I am tempted to make caffeinated coffee for evening church dinners and when people ask if it is decaf, to just say "sure". But I know that is wrong.

- I'm having trouble remembering my dreams. I know that I had a doozy last night, but since I didn't write anything down...I can't share with you.

- McDonald's makes better oatmeal raisin cookies than I do.

- I'm running out of random thoughts...better go get some coffee.

- Two weeks until I leave for the beach. It has been a year since I was there...I can't wait!


  1. please do whatever you can to break your promise... romney doesn't need that $100!!! in 2 months, he'll (hopefully) be using it for band-aids to lick his wounds for running the worst campaign in modern history.

  2. I am going to assume that Chuck meant to say "do whatever you can to NOT break your promise" I am looking forward to November and the end of this horrible campaign.