Wednesday, March 16

Weather and Mood

First of all - I am feeling much better today. I was pretty miserable yesterday. I wasn't sick, really. But was feeling an all-encompassing sense of foreboding. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop, but in this case, I didn't know what the shoe was. And I still don't know what it was - or is. But I'm determined not to give in to the defeated way I was feeling.

It is possible that the weather was causing me to feel this way. I have often wondered about the connection between physical/mental health and the barometric pressure. I have noted on several occasions being "out of sorts" and then having that feeling lift as a storm began or ended.

It is more noticeable with rapidly forming thunderstorms, like those that occur often during the summer in Virginia. But I think that the same effect is present with slower storm fronts or pressure systems. (you would think that I have studied something useful like Meteorology if I claim to be so fascinated by this. I, however, have proven to be quite lazy in this area.)

I also wonder if it is possible that I am more sensitive to these atmosp
heric changes than other people. Like some folks have a heightened sense of smell or very sensitive hearing. I know that it is possible to train one's sense of taste, for example, to accomplish things like becoming a wine taster. I wonder if there is a useful profession for a person who can sense changes in atmosphere. Probably not - they have gauges and satellites for that sort of thing.

I asked my friend Patrick McKee (meteorologist for local NBC affiliate) if he knew of any studies related to this phenomena. Although he couldn't point me to anything specific - he does acknowledge that there seems to be a connection. Especially to physical manifestations like severe headaches at rapid pressure changes. I recall one afternoon at the ballpark - I was setting up for TV coverage of a baseball game and for awhile I had a minor headache that quite suddenly became nearly unbearable. As the thunder and lightning started to crash around us (my crew and I had taken refuge under cover in the stands) the pain began to affect not only my head, but my jaw and teeth - to the point that I would have removed my own eyeball if I had a handy spoon. Then - like a light switch had been thrown - the pain was gone. Minutes later - the storm ended and the sun came out. Though I was a little shaky for a half hour, I was fine the rest of the evening. No trace of headache.

So - to all the wonderful people who let me know that they were thinking about me in my depressed state last night - thank you. It is so great to be loved by my friends. I am recovered for the most part. Looking forward to napping in the sun in the near future.

Navel gazed. Hamster beaten.

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