Tuesday, January 18

Catching Up...

I had the best intentions when I started this blog - I was going to write every single day like my friend Chuck Taylor (his blog - The Smoking Nun - is my absolute favorite!). But life gets in the way sometimes.

Since Friday when I wrote at length about bad restaurants and good...well...we enjoyed the Stoney Badger Tavern so much - we went back Friday night!! Took my sissy for one of her rare nights on the town. Nephew Jack was at a party and so his mom cut loose and joined Carl and I for an evening out. The hardest thing about an evening with Denise? Deciding what to do!! We considered about 6 different movies but couldn't come to an agreement on which movie, what time or which theater. So we decided on drinks and light fare at the Badger. The food was still great. I even tried an onion ring! They are not nearly as scary as I thought. Who would have thought it? What will I try next - snake handling?

On Saturday the Fearsome Foursome of Carl, Carl, Denise and Chris worked at the church. And I'm not kidding when I say that it was a great day! Yep, pulling communication cables through dusty ceilings, testing and organizing sound gear, cleaning the molding around the sanctuary, redistributing the hymnals and pew Bibles. It was really a lot of fun! I absolutely love to watch people with skills like electrical, plumbing and carpentry work - it is like watching an artist create. Watching the process of making the connections on the communication cables was like poetry in motion. And it is astounding to watch these 8 or 10 tiny little wires be arranged into the right order...and when I asked how he knew what order they were supposed to be in...he rattled off something like "oh it's just white/brown, brown, orange, white/orange...the basic 69874.4B configuration" (um...that's not real, folks...don't try to do it that way) Ummmm...sure. Reminded me of Marisa Tomei's character in My Cousin Vinny, "that would be 4 degrees from top dead center." By the end of our work, things were labeled and put away, and we have lightning fast communication to the web from our sound desk. That will make it much easier for our webmaster to be able to upload the services to the website!

Then to home for some lovely meatballs and Coke!! Saturdays are great! And I even remained social and played a rousing game of Uno with Karen, Denise and Charlie (who cheated...but still lost?).

It was a great weekend - especially since I have been trying hard to choose to embrace moments. Obviously the Coke and meatballs were one of the moments I embraced - but a few others: Denise's laughter, Carl's raised eyebrow, Dad's chuckle when we realized that during the cable pulling we were both answering Carl's request for someone to pull cable in the fellowship hall...apparently at the exact same moments with the exact same answers!, Jack's relief when I determined that the sound problem he encountered Sunday morning was an equipment, not an operator error, Megan's smile when she read her birthday card.

Embrace the moments.

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