Thursday, January 20

The Little Red-Haired Girl

Thursday is a long day. It is almost always a long day. Work (which, of course, I love...but still...there is effort involved....) and then the Thursday after-school program JIFF (which, of course, I love...but there can be a LOT of effort there!) and then choir practice for an hour and a half ( know...). Tonight there was the addition of handbell choir practice. I love it - but somebody is mistaken when they assume I can read music :)

So - Thursday nights - I need a reward. Almost every week, it ends at the local ChickFilA. Which I love, no effort involved. The crew at this CFA (Candler's Mountain Road) is perfection. I know mistakes must sometimes happen - but they've never happened to me. I mean NEVER! And the the staff is friendly and efficient. Tonight I was served by the team of Ramona (love that name) who took my order. And then at the window by two great young ladies - one of whom I must call "the little red-haired girl" (Charlie Brown reference). She has made the effort to learn and remember MY name - why on Earth can't I remember hers?? She asked me one evening if I was listening to Harry Potter (which I was) and since the latest movie came out - she has asked if I've seen the movie yet. Which (strangely) - I haven't! I don't know why - but the opportunity didn't arise. I'm hoping that she doesn't get into trouble for taking extra time when I come through!

I think that the franchise operator would understand. She and many other members of that crew have built a relationship with me. I actually drive MILES out of my way to go there on Thursday nights. But it is always such a great experience! Anyway - if anybody knows the little red-haired girl - tell her I said thanks! It's what gets me through a long Thursday.

Embrace the moments.

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