Saturday, January 8

In Anticipation...

Today I have decreed will be a Coke Day!! I was tempted to have one at lunch. Went to lunch today at the Depot Grille after my nephew Jack's basketball game. Great game. I'm going to have a freakin' heart attack at one of these dang games. His team - The Sixers - did not win, but it was a great game! And Jack hit a 3 that just went SWOOSH. It was sweet.

So we went to the Depot - love their sauteed mushrooms. And then Jack and I split a Chocolate Lava Cake which was excellent. So - I thought about a Coke then. But then I was afraid that I would decide that was going to be it for another week. You see - I haven't exactly decided if it is one Coke per week or Coke one day per week. Either one would be a real accomplishment for me. Trust me. So - then I decided that the resulting potential guilt feelings might ruin see... I may be over-thinking it. Too much navel-gazing?

Where was I? Oh yeah - so I'm having Coke tonight. And I think I will also have Meatballs!! Which is one of my favorite foods. Sushi, Coke and Meatballs... If I needed another name for my blog - that would probably be it. Or maybe I'll form a band?

Anyway - more random thoughts later.

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