Tuesday, January 11

Cranky Folks Testing Me!

So - we got some winter weather in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. And it seems to have iced over the hearts of some people. I'm not sure how the drivers can remain patient and kind when folks yell at them for (among other things today): parking near their car (but within the lines and in the proper lot), coming a day early (because there was ice in another part of the state) and for not having time/space for an extra 1500 pounds of paper.

The phones were no happier at the office.

But for every cranky pants...there was either a positive call (at least someone who understands why ice might disturb routes) or at least an amusing tale for the office. Is there a full moon that nobody told me about?

Usually this would drive me to the warehouse fridge for a Coke (and a smile!) - but today I just had a few orange Skittles and tried to remember that we are not delivering transplant hearts. And now cozy in my house - with soup on the stove and love in my heart - it fades in importance.

I will try hard to remember that tomorrow when the wackos come out again. And to recall that Coke Day is coming!

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