Saturday, January 1

Unsatisfying Coke Friday

Ok - so last night I had to bartend the New Year's Eve opening night Gala at the Renaissance Theatre. It makes for such a long day that during that brief hour between work and more work - I decided that it would be a good time to have my weekly Coke. Just to keep me going.

But since I was so overwhelmingly tired and somewhat unmotivated to go on to my next task - I don't think that I really enjoyed it! Ah and learn. I shall do better next week. More planning so that a treat is really really a treat!

Once the event starts rolling - I enjoy it. It was a great to see some folks who I only see New Year's Eve. At one point during a quiet moment (we get a little down time when people go in to watch the play!) I thought to myself that the end of my year of self-improvement and navel gazing will probably be in the same place it started. After all, I've been bartending this event for about 7-8 years is likely that I'll be in the same place 12/31/11. Wonder what that post will be about...

New Year's Day is a great time to assess where you are in life. Lots of people make resolutions and I hear the gym will be crowded next week. I know that I have a great job, awesome friends and an incredible family. Other positives include a roof over my head, no car payment on a car that runs (276,000 miles! Go Honda!), and I hear that my sister is bringing rolls to lunch! Stuff to work on includes too much debt, several addictions to evil foods and a tendency to spend time dreading things that I've made a commitment to do. If I've made a commitment then I KNOW I'm going to follow through - so why waste energy dreading it? That's something for the change pile.

Well - my brother, sister and their families have arrived for lunch. I'm going to go enjoy their company. And a cup of coffee. Going to be a long time till my next Coke. But I will survive. I think.

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