Friday, January 28

Seriously slackin'

Holy cow - I've got a follower! And it isn't my mom!

OK, admittedly I know my follower. And he is an incredible writer who I love and admire. But what a cool feeling to see that show up! I didn't want to be my own first follower. Would be a little too much like the people who still have "Tom" as their friend on Facebook. Or was that myspace?

Been a long time since I posted. It's been a long week. One of my tasks is tax filings. So this week, in addition to regular workload I had the looming deadline to get quarterly filings, annual filings, W2s and 3s and 1099s and a bunch of other numbers and letters. The bright spot for the week has been the continued functionality of my hot tub. Remarkable how much better that makes my days. The downside this week was slushy snow that kept me away from my beloved hot water on Wednesday. However, despite the lingering ice - I returned to my Nirvana on Thursday night. I could not be deterred!

My mind races when alone in the hot tub. Without a computer, tv, radio, phone, text to distract me...all I can do is think. In that brief span of time I bounce from debating my purpose on Earth; to singing to myself; to editing myself; dreaming; planning; fearing; doubting; praying. It will be nice to have company in the hot tub sometime soon.

69 minutes to Saturday. I'm contemplating staying up so I can drink a Coke. I've resisted all week. Could I pretend to be living in New Brunswick? Then it would just be 8 minutes now. Well, perseverance builds character. And that's a worthy goal.

Still on the road to becoming a better person.

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  1. Holy hamster!! I'm looking for your posts every day now, my love. Enjoying every word!! xoxoxoxo