Sunday, January 23

Coke, Rude Folk and Ashton Kutcher's Butt

Random thoughts from tonight -

Saturday. Coke Day. Well-deserved tonight!

Today was also try to fix the damn hot tub day. I have a hot tub. It is small. It is old. It was a craig's list find. But when it works, I sure do enjoy it. The hot tub has now been broken for over a year. Don't get me wrong. It was full of water and circulating and for a long time I even fed it very expensive chemicals. Heater wasn't working. Actually, first the heater kinda went nuts. Temps were very erratic. Kept having to reset the high-limit switch. So then it stopped working.

No matter how nice jets are...without the hot's just not the same. So my brother was going to fix it...he has the skill set. Not the time though. And I understand! He works a lot. And has a family. And so I tried not to nag him. Enter SuperCG! My best friend - with MAD skill sets. So he fixed the heater, and then the thermostat, and then the pump broke, so he replaced the pump (after doing all the research, too) and then the motor froze up, so he got that freed up. Then a glued joint in the plumbing broke. So then I cried. Just a little. So then he replaced that joint and defrosted the pump. Well then when doing the final tightening on the connections...well then another break in the plumbing. Some sort of union. I won't wander off on a tangent right now about plumbing part names and all the sexual innuendo...but I would like to reserve the right to wander off on that tangent some time.

So after one trip to Lowe's and two trips to spa supply store (hey fella - why don't you just buy one of these new beauties on the showroom floor?) for repair parts...frozen hands and an entire is together. And heating! It's currently up to 59 degrees!! Ahhh....

So then we went to dinner at the new Dahlia. Other than the fact that SOMEBODY needs to actually RUN the front of was a great experience. The kitchen has it together. And I think that the rest will smooth out. We stood and waited for a table for about 10 minutes. Then when a table opened up and we sat down - a patron from the bar informed us that they had been waiting for that table. Really? We took their places at the bar and waited for another one. But really, patrons shouldn't have to be having that discussion. Dude was rude. Let's have the staff control the seating so I don't have to get into ANOTHER bar fight at the Dahlia. (yeah....I have. and was at the Dahlia.) (come to think of it - might have been the same guy)

But then to smooth off the rough edges of the day: Coke and popcorn - at the movies. Saw No Strings Attached. Liked it a lot. The only thing better than Ashton Kutcher's butt would have been Mark Wahlberg's chest...but it was a good movie all the same. I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy. I know. Some of you respect me a little less.

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