Sunday, January 2

One Screw

Disjointed thoughts are running through my brain. It is hard to focus them enough to even come up with a title for today's post.

Discussion this morning of resolutions made me think of Lent. Lent is one of the first times I tried to give up Coke. I made it about 7 hours. I told you I wasn't good with self-denial. In the Methodist church it has depended upon the church/pastor/teacher's influence in any given year how much importance was placed on the concept of giving something up for Lent. Some years I was encouraged to add something positive instead of giving up something. I didn't have the best role models for giving up things for Lent. My great grandmother (I've been told) always gave up going to the movies. Well - she'd never been to the movies in her life. I had a friend whose mother gave up smoking - except on Sunday (which she indicated was some sort of free day) when she smoked like a chimney.

I think that the idea of adding a good habit could be as positive as deleting a bad habit. So I'm going to try to balance my changes this year between kicking some bad habits and learning the art of follow through on developing some good ones. Today I started laundry, carried dishes to the kitchen and sat down to write this post. All of them could have gotten lost in my usual habit of procrastination. That's the key obstacle to me becoming a better person - I've got to learn to just do something instead of doing it later.

I have one friend who has incredible follow through. If he says he will get something done - he does it. Then. On the other hand - I have a light over my bed that will occasionally fall down upon my head because I never got ONE screw and a screwdriver to prevent that from happening. TODAY - right now in fact - I am going to put a screw in that bracket.

And now I have a title for the post. Whatever will tomorrow bring?

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