Sunday, January 9

Coke and Meatballs

So - yesterday (Saturday) was Coke Day. And I resisted having any Coke until dinnertime. Which for me was meatballs. Which I dearly love. The Cokes are out on the porch now - keeps them out of sight, out of mind - and so the Coke inside the little bottles is already bitterly cold. And then over ice - it was the most refreshing feeling to have that first swallow. And the second one was also pretty good! By the end of the glass though...well, no, that was also still good.

Unlike the Unsatisfying Coke Friday - when I was so disappointed in my beverage experience. This one was really worth the wait. And I will look forward to the next Coke Day with equal delight.

You see, it isn't so much about not drinking Coke. Obviously there are worse vices in the world (and I have a couple of THOSE). To quote some random wisdom from my youth, "at least nobody drinks a Coke and beats their kids". Okay, to be fair...that quote was not about Coke. I think that was pot. My mis-spent youth...

It is about actually appreciating the Coke if I'm going to drink it! I was asked by a friend how many Cokes I used to consume in a day. I figure it averaged out to 5 or 6. How many of those was I really conscious of whether I enjoyed it or not? Maybe 1. And that was probably the first one of the day - when I swear I could feel the rejuvenating power surging through my veins. The rest of was just mindless consumption.

So - I'm not so much giving up drinking Coke...I'm trying (trying!) to give up mindless consumption. I'm now going to to thoughtfully consume some potato soup that Mom made. And I shall endeavor to appreciate the experience. Including appreciating the fact that I didn't have to make it. Maybe first I should go fold her laundry. Seems like a fair exchange.

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