Tuesday, January 4

Tater Tot Tuesdays? What?

I wasn't even sure myself why I decided to call the blog Tater Tot Tuesdays. Perhaps that will be revealed to me in a session of navel-gazing. But here is what I know so far:

#1 - my goal for 2011 (and should be for the rest of my life) is to become a better person. I know - so many of you are asking yourself "how could she possibly be a better person?". No - in all seriousness...the most fatal flaw is believing that you have none. And believe me - I actually know that I have flaws. Big and small...serious and silly...real and imagined. So - I know I've got stuff I can work on.

#2 - the first thing I decided to do was kick my addiction to Coke. Only the first thing I realized was that there was a side effect to deciding to have only one Coke-day per week...I was also going to learn to appreciate that event.

#3 - so that led to the fact that I know I perform best under some cloud of accountability. I started taking my contacts out because my best friend told me to stop abusing my eyeballs and then I got encouragement and positive feedback when I was struggling through forming that good habit. So, I decided to blog. Even if nobody but me reads this - I am more likely to be good. Blogs need titles...so I thought of nifty phrases that I like. "you may be right" "tru dat" "don't participate" and "that's what she said" didn't really fit.

I like alliteration and a facebook friend had often mentioned that this Tuesday or that Tuesday was a "Tater Tot Tuesday" and I liked it even without knowing what he meant. For me - it was the idea that you could give up fried foods except for once a week when you would have tater tots. Or Coke. Really appreciating the special treat of a favorite food/event/vice...

Because I'll tell ya - I'm totally looking forward to my next Coke (Saturday this week maybe?) and I promise I'll really savor it this time.

Turns out that his Tater Tot Tuesday is a chance to eat lunch (ooo...school lunch!) with his daughter. And that is the coolest thing. He doesn't think that she'll be into it for many more years...and so he really savors them now. My friends...that...is the best part of life. Taking time to be in the moment. And sharing a tater tot (or a Coke) with someone.

Navel-gazing complete for the day. In order to re-balance my mind...I'm off to watch "Toddlers and Tiaras"! Yeah...not.

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