Wednesday, March 2

6 Down - How many to go?

Tax returns...

Whittling down the stack of family tax returns to file. I know the hardest ones are yet to come - but it was nice to knock out a half dozen returns tonight. With my trusty form reader by my side (Paula - Cuban Conquerer!) and a good music channel to listen to - we kicked through that batch in about 90 minutes flat. Strange to see some folks financial situations change through the years. I can see from the files I have stored that I've been doing some of these peoples taxes since about 1996.

To see some folks paying less and less in mortgage interest as they see the end of their mortgage come to an end. The absence of tuition interest in the returns of former college students as they finish paying off Sallie Mae and her girls. Some people who used to have 4 or 5 W2s every year as they job-hopped and worked second jobs to make ends meet...I've seen them settle into careers and watched their portfolios change from beer money to CDs to real estate.

It is kind of like watching a garden mature. I like observing that longevity and stability. Kind of like looking over old pictures and seeing the passage of time.

Even did my taxes tonight. My income was up. Thanks Zach. In addition to FEELING appreciate and needed - the numbers were kind of a warm hug tonight. I'm fortunate to earn a living working with people that I enjoy being around. And even though the challenges look more like obstacles...I'm happy to be doing the job I do. You'll have to kill me to get rid of me, you know?

Another friend of mine left a long-time bad job situation this week. His text that evening was a single word: Freedom!

I commented then that I should have something profound to say. I'll attempt it now.

3 years ago you helped make it possible for me to take the position at Kodiak that I love so much. I'm like my Dad - so loyal that I'll suffer rather than let down my employer and coworkers, even when the employer doesn't take the same ownership of not letting the employees down. You helped me see that and let me know that you were going to help hold things together for our coworkers after I left. And in the ensuing years I've encouraged you to find your own "exit strategy".

Why? Because going to work every day at a place or task that makes you completely miserable...well, that's hell. I know you've made the best decision for your sanity - and you put things in place to make sure it is a good decision for you financially. I'm proud of your work ethic and team spirit. You will succeed in life.

Anybody else out there who is miserable? Start working on the exit strategy - find a way out of the misery part anyway.

Hamster ready for sleep. Carpe diem. Well - seize tomorrow then...carpe pillow for now!

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