Tuesday, March 15

A Dampness in my Soul

I feel a great disturbance in the force. I don't know exactly what is causing this feeling - but starting about 7:00 I started feeling a foreboding pressure.

There is a weather disturbance floating around this evening - perhaps there is a shift in the barometric pressure. Sometimes when storms are coming or going I'll not only get a headache or feel it physically - I'll also notice a change in mood. Usually for the worse.

I think watching the news this evening was mentally disturbing. The images of such devastation cause me to feel helpless and small. I can't imagine how I would begin to deal with the loss and fear that are surrounding the Japanese people right now.

I think that I shall forgo the hot tub this evening - I fear dwelling on the negative. I think that instead I shall go and read something uplifting for a bit. And perhaps spend some time in prayer. For a while I will try to stop thinking about myself and the petty difficulties in my life - and think about others.

I never promised I would always be amusing...but I will always try to be real.

Hamster searching for silver in the dark cloud of reality.


  1. Weather can definitely affect one's mood. I've been feeling down since the rain has started. I'm very much looking forward to the sun today, even though I'm going to be inside all day. Then again, I have chronic depression anyway, so maybe I'm over sensitive to that sort of thing.

    Hang in there, dear friend. "the sun'll come out tomorrow!"


  2. Chris, I think you made some good choices to help raise your energy and vibration to the place where the well-being of the Japanese people vibrates. That is not easy to do - and it is important that we stay focused and positive even when it is hard. I also read on FB that you slept well last night. May today be a positive one for you - love and blessings