Thursday, March 3

Happee Birsday

Sushi. Oh man do I love sushi.

Today is Thursday - and I decided to savor a moment. Be present for an occasion. Transition a day from eh (or ech) to ah.

Tonight was a rare night off from JIFF. You only have to read the post "Chip Shop" to understand that I love the kids and enjoy the program. But if you don't step back once in a while, you burn out. Which (despite what Neil Young sings...) isn't a good thing. So there wasn't the Thursday afternoon pressure of planning for departure from the office by 5 sharp. I'm not good with "sharp" - as you probably well know.

So the first evening thing I had to attend tonight was 7pm Handbell practice. Oh man - you think I was counting when we did Amazing Grace. I LONG for something as simple as Amazing Grace. But we're going to do our very best with this fanfare thing. I trust Mari wouldn't lie to us - and she says we're going to be fine. There's going to be about a dozen handbell choirs at this "Handbell Event". Should be a grand ole' time. I'll be the one with the highlighter in one hand, the other hand rubbing my head counting: 1 ee and uh 2 and uh 3 ee and uh 4 ee and uh. uh? But Mari wouldn't lie to us...we're going to be fine. And it isn't a competition...because we would be the underdog in this movie.

So after that practice I ditched choir (yep, going to hell in a hand basket...) and went for sushi. It is the birthday of The Prime Minister of the Royal Order of the Baby Octopus Sushi Club. He had a fairly crappy birthday. Richmond drivers. Hidden shred bins. I believe there was the occasional bright spot as random clients wished him a Happy Birthday. One of the ladies said that
she wasn't sure - but she thought he believed her to be a crazy psychic stalker when she gave him a birthday card. Complete with Starbucks gift certificate. She's cool...I love our clients!

But I just think working on your birthday kind of sucks. I'm proposing legislation that would make your birthday a legal paid holiday. I think it would be a very popular law. Screw Family and Medical Leave - I want to sleep in on my birthday, then go out for an awesome lunch, nap, incredible dinner watching the sun set on the river, sleep. I think that should be an unalienable right.

Oh no, not another rabbit trail...

The sushi was sublime. We ordered WAY too much. It was extravagant. 2 spicy scallop rolls (my #1) and Alaska Crab Roll (his #1 - especially because it is already loaded with wasabi). Dragon Roll and Rainbow Roll (ah...just the way I like my fish - RAW!). Spicy tuna (Raw meet Spicy - you two will love each other) and something else. And THEN - the "Chef's Special" - which is code for "Jon Jon, do whatever the hell you like". This was presented on its very own stage. Literally - it came on a small wooden platform (like Claire ate her lunch on in The Breakfast Club) and was incredible. It had no less than 3 kinds of fish, crab, cucumber, 2 sauces and seemed to have a little Parmesan cheese on top. I'm sure it wasn't really Parmesan. But it was delightful.

The whole time was enjoyable. And then when it was time for fortune cookies, we heard the familiar strains of the Hapee Birsday song. Chocolate cake (uber chocolate cake actually) complete with candle. It was the topper.

And on top of it all - I didn't even get to pick up the check. Yep, I got taken out for HIS birthday. And you know what? I'm okay with that. Because on your birthday - you should get to have your way. And if I had my way - you'd also get the day off.

Hamster will be writing to the President tomorrow.

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