Sunday, March 6

So you say it's your birthday?

I had a great birthday. I woke up to about 16 facebook messages of Happy Birthday and they just kept coming all day long. That is a fun side-effect of being on facebook. I was greeted by former co-workers, relatives and friends. It is nice to know we are still connected - even though I don't see some of these folks very often.

The main birthday event was a pizza lunch in the fellowship hall at the church - if you're going to make pizza for 15 people, having four ovens is a nice perk! But I didn't have to make pizza for 15 people. I got to sit there and enjoy a relaxing half hour while other people slaved away in the kitchen. Mom and I got our special request pizza first: smoked salmon and capers. And then there was black olives and anchovies. Yeah - we are a strange people. But don't knock it till you try it!

My mom and I share a birthday. I was born on her 27th birthday. What a gift! But really, we have always enjoyed a special connection. Maybe it is because we are both Pisces. But I think it is more than that. Once she asked me if I was ever tired of sharing my birthday. I had never really thought that it decreased MY birthday - if anything, it just made it MORE special.

Today I gave her a painting. I sneaked it into the church last night and hung it in place of one of the paintings in the hall (we have an art class that meets there and so there is always nice artwork hanging). I was there before she was and when she finally spotted it - the intake of breath and watering eyes were my gift from her! I love to make my mom cry. It is indeed an extraordinary painting and she has always wanted one of Diana Rhode's paintings. Just happened that I was able to make that happen (thanks to a larger than expected tax refund).

And then I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with 3 of my favorite people on earth. Yep, this was a great birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it so great.

Hamster happy.

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  1. Now its ur turn to check out the latest birthday messages and send them to ur friends and family memebers... :) and by the way...Many Many happy returns of the day