Thursday, March 10

Oh Hand I love and hate thee at the same time

Sorry for the delay in posts...been a busy week. And tonight's is not likely to be very long. I'm trying to get a quick visit to the hot tub in between rain showers.

We had a long hand bell choir rehearsal tonight (we had choir last night after the Ash Wednesday service...I didn't ditch two weeks in a row!) and I see the possibility that we might get a few notes right during the Hand Bell Extravaganza next Saturday (the 19th at Heritage United Methodist).

Don't get me wrong...I personally will get many notes wrong. My music looks like it is bleeding orange highlighter and I still look like an escapee from a mental hospital while I'm trying to count and
figure out which is my left hand. I would REALLY appreciate it if only blind folks were in the audience. Please close your eyes and enjoy the music.

But we may get some of this right...and after playing this level 3 music - I'm going to sink into the familiar pace of the Level 1 arrangement of Amazing Grace like a hamster soaking in a hot tub. Look...I even found clip art of a hamster in a hot tub. That has to be worth something!

I'll try to be more pithy tomorrow.

Hamster barely grazed...but unwilling to subject the readers to another excerpt from the cookbook.

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