Friday, March 25

Pulling in the same direction!!

So...I'm posting because I didn't post last night and one of my followers (who shall remain nameless) said this week: "no pressure, but I'm really disappointed when there's not a new post". No pressure indeed.

I'm tired. But I'm really kinda psyched about tomorrow. It is Spring Cleaning Day at Centenary UMC. I know it is some hard work - but I get to spend some time with my church family in a different type of activity. Sundays at church are about study and worship and fellowship. Something like Saturday's cleanup is about pulling together to accomplish a common goal.

That's a key part of being a family. Reminds me of Saturdays growing up in my own family. Sure we spent a lot of Saturdays playing and goofing off - hiking, fishing (or in my case, hunting for random lures or bugs) or going to G.C. Murphys at Pittman Plaza. (They had one of those old fashioned candy counters where you could get a bag of candy that was like the inside of a Butterfinger...whatever that is called. Ooops....rabbit paragraph to get back on track)

Some Saturdays at our house was about WORK! I recall working in the yard - I'm sure it wasn't all day. And I'm pretty sure that there weren't any overseers whilst we were picking cotton...but sure was a lot of work (in my mind). And about every other month a couple of us would decide to switch bedrooms. Somehow - in a moderate brick ranch - all 5 kids could have our own room. Sometimes we CHOSE to live with each other - and then that would leave us a "playroom". (Read: room full of junk within two weeks) But on the days we decided to "move" - it was an all day affair. Because you had to CLEAN in order to move. But at the end of the day, when everything was (temporarily) in its place...there was a great feeling of satisfaction.

THAT is what tomorrow evening will bring. The end result will be worth the effort - and along the way, we might just have a good time.

We've got spare Swiffer Dusters and Magic Erasers...come on over!! 9-4.

Hamster going to bed so she won't be late!! The boss hates it when I'm late.

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