Saturday, March 5

Cocktails and Crocheted Pants

Have just returned home from a combination birthday cocktail party and the viewing of my friends Chuck and Ayhan on "Dear Genevieve". A lovely evening.

First - the show was great. It was so different watching a makeover show with people that you know! They were having the bedroom made over and there were so many times that I saw Chuck sort of agreeing on the outside and cringing on the inside. I don't think I would have noticed that with strangers. I realize that these designers - lovely and talented as they are - kind of sweep in and push their opinion on the homeowners.

She said "beige" and he kind of said "well, you know of the grand palette of the world...beige would be my last choice". She said "platform bed" and one of his eyebrows reached for the sky... I will be fascinated to know how the change has been absorbed into their lives. Now that the gag order is off, he'll be able to blog about it. But overall they seemed to have a wonderful time, loved the girl, and the room is really more attractive. Before...there were a lot of curtains - over window, closet and hole in the wall. And the door into the bedroom wasn't there...but I always figured "hey it's NYC, space is what it is". So I think the bedroom is really nicer - but I'm not sure that at the end of the show it had yet become Chuck and Ayhan's. Perhaps by now - it has.

The rest of the evening was glasses of wine and laughter. It was a nice group and we got to hear some stories. Highlights?

Charlie once crocheted pants for his GI Joe.
Denise cut her bangs at her office once and looked like she had Down's Syndrome.
Belva and Melva showed us a picture of them and they weren't sure who was who in the picture. Everyone else however, could tell immediately.
We heard that there were men's long sweaters in the Sears catalog in the 70s. And somebody wore one to the first day of school. Complete with belt.
Karen can't spell tomarrow.
And for the joy of the new person in the group the story of somebody accidentally taking porn to Sunday School was told.

A good time was had by all. Still laughing to myself about GI Joe's pants.

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