Friday, March 4

Sleepover at Nanu's

Tonight our household is playing host to my nephew Jacob. He is part cherub - with infectious smile and giggle...and part imp - with the wacky sense of humor of a 5 (almost 6) year old boy. I got a text from him as I was leaving work: "Jacob and Nanu. have cookies in oven". My response? "On the way!"

He was watching through the oven door when I walked in. I understand that he sliced these himself! And told Mom when she handed him the knife "my mother has never let me use a sharp knife before. This is my very first time". He was apparently very serious and did a fine job. But some of the cookies are much bigger than others. We'll work on knife skills in the future.

He is an incredibly intelligent boy. He's just so silly!! He can count to ten in Spanish, but then he'll tell you that the Spanish for table is "pooty brownie face" and just giggle and giggle at himself!!

Brings back memories of sleeping over at people's houses as a kid. I wasn't as relaxed as Jacob. I got so homesick!! Not as bad as one of my sisters though... But I can remember that quivery feeling in my stomach when it got dark and I knew I was going to sleep someplace different. I recall "getting sick" and calling for a ride home when I was at a
sleepover one street over. Pam Stinson's house.

But I know that I can't project that onto my nephews...everybody is different. Jacob seems to be having a dandy time - watching a movie now...will probably fall asleep soon. And I know that Jack is fine as long as he has sufficient food and ability to text. Woodmen camp was a long time ago...both of us were homesick that week (um...really just 4 days). He has matured faster than me!

Enjoying having him over - and really enjoying the cookies! We'll have to have a repeat visit soon.

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