Friday, March 11

Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

It is Friday evening and I have just about decided to be self-centered this evening. There are several things that I should be doing instead of the things I probably will be doing tonight.

I have info for about 6 tax returns that I should get done. These are folks that would probably like to go ahead and get their refunds...however small they have become... But I'm not feeling the love for it tonight.

I have most of the parts I need to put together the Kiwanis newsletter. True, I am lacking a key component that won't arrive till Monday...but I could get almost all of it ready to go. But, I'm not feeling the love for it.

I should vacuum my rooms. And take out the trash. And get rid of some junk. But I'm REALLY not feeling the love for THAT. Although I might find the motivation for that...after all - I am trying to be a better person. And I should try not to be a slob.

But for this evening - I AM feeling the love for:
-Eating a burger on an English muffin that Mom just told me is ready
-Playing some stupid game on the computer while listening to music or Car Talk
-Soaking in the HOT TUB!
-Watching TV

And although I SHOULD be going to fetch clip art for this post...I am going to eat my burger instead.

Hamster had a long week and is cutting herself some slack.

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