Sunday, February 20

An Abject Apology

OK - I apologize for yesterday's "post". No, it shouldn't count. I promised Chuck that I would post every day...and with the exception of one post that happened after midnight, I've been good for almost 21 days. Fell short by 1. Can you believe it? I just double checked and the truth is I also missed a post two days after that, but posted twice on that day. So - that brief post yesterday was a total cop out. I apologize.

That being said - I do stand behind what I said yesterday. Life is good. Life goes on. (I am afraid I can't stand behind my statement that Life is a tasty cereal ...quite frankly, I'm not a fan)

The people around me know that I have a collection of Life is Good shirts. They make up most of my wardrobe. They remind me not to take things so seriously. I wear one that has a lighthouse on it to Kiwanis meetings. I put my Kiwanis pin where the moon is over the lighthouse. I have one T-shirt that says "All who wander are not lost". I believe that statement fully - and sometimes...I wander. I like the company motto: Do what you like, like what you do. For the past three years I have experienced that at my job - and it makes life good. But it goes deeper than that - like what you do. Enjoy what you are doing. No matter what it is - and then life is good. I watched an episode of Undercover Boss once (maybe twice...I liked it, just not around when it is on and no DVR) and one of the people the undercover boss got to work with was a guy who cleaned portable toilets. He got great job satisfaction from doing his job well and with a great attitude. I believe he even sang! His life was full of challenges but he would say that life is good. There is a lesson to be learned in that.

And one of my sisters gave me a framed quotation for Christmas a few years ago. It reads: The one thing I've learned in life - it goes on. There is a whole other post in that thought. For tonight - I will say. Life is good and it goes on....

and I promise, no more 160 character posts. Drank a Sprite today too - my moral fiber is frayed.

Hamster humbly beaten.

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