Monday, February 7

What have you got against hamsters?

You wonder why "hamsterbeaters"? I tell you - it isn't as interesting as the story you have in your mind!! Or the second story in your head....

The most asked question by anyone who has ever gotten an email from me is "what have you got against hamsters?" A fair question to someone whose email starts with the word hamsterbeaters.

I have nothing against hamsters. In fact, I owned one once. No - two! Or maybe the second one belonged to my sister... Anyway - though I can't (for the moment) remember the hamsters' name - I actually like hamsters.

Usually when I'm asked - I make up stories about why "hamsterbeaters" (and now "The Beaten Hamster") is the truth: (well, probably) The original hamster beater was my car. It was an 87 VW Fox Wagon. In order to make it go had to beat the hamsters. On the wheel. Under the hood. Get it? I warned you this wasn't interesting. And I was right.

Or perhaps...perhaps that isn't the real story after all.

Hamsters beaten - if only briefly.

Oh - one hamster was named Sampson. But I think that one was Susan's.

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