Thursday, February 24

Bullet Points

Thursday. Heavy sigh. Long day - I think I've mentioned before.

So, in the interest of eating my Chick-fil-A waffle fries before they are cold...I present to you - my blog in bullet points. I may expand on things at another time...but you know me, probably not.

- chip shop, ring pops, smiles
- I have a friend who could make that into a nifty Haiku
- handbells...oh, my. Our level 1 handbell choir is trying to do a level 3 piece. We're going to pull it off...but this is serious work. The count is something like 1 eee and uh 2 and 3 eee and uh 4 and uh. brain is sprained. But I'll keep trying. Because I love Mari.
- haven't seen red-haired girl at the CFA, but the crew is still doing a great job (see previous post titled Red Haired Girl...or something like that)
- taxes...heavy sigh
- gray days
- solo! Singing a fancy church piece in Latin. Details sure to follow. Solo section actually, and then duet with my lovely co-diva Karen Bell. She gets the high stuff that makes my eyeballs hurt when I try to sing it. I love her.
- waffle fries.

Hamster off to eat waffle fries. And drink lemonade.

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