Monday, February 7

Ooops. Fail.

Well, I missed yesterday. I know that I had good intentions to post. But after I got home from the Super Bowl - Dad was on the computer and I figured I'd come back up and post later. But then... well... sleep intervened.

Yesterday we celebrated the 3rd birthday of my twin niece and nephew. Gosh those two are adorable. Actually all three of my nephews and my only niece are adorable. They take after me! The oldest, Jack, is 15 and driving. He is in the Sunday School class that I teach and though he wanders off on tangents unrelated sometimes...he is becoming a remarkable young man. And the wandering off on tangents thing is probably something he gets from me too. Then my brother's son Jacob - who is 5 and full of energy. He was there yesterday and showing the twins how to play with some of the toys. He knows all about stuff. I see my brother in that!

But the stars of yesterday's show were Braeden and Taylor. They opened every single gift with wonder and appreciation. Everything was "oh! Look Dora!" or "oh! a doll!" or "hey! a monster truck!" Every gift was exciting to them. But I think that one of the biggest hits of the whole party were those party favors that you blow into and then it rolls out? Man...what do you call those things? These (thank goodness) didn't have the whistles/noisemakers inside so it was just the fun of near poking each other in the nose/ear/head with a paper tube. And then we would laugh and laugh and laugh!

Then there was a Super Bowl party to attend - which was very pleasant and delightfully child-free. As you can see from the above - I'm not opposed to the existence of children. But I do enjoy the times without them. Food was great - game was good. The team I was cheering for was not the winner, but if that was the only down side to the day - I'll take it!

Hamsters beaten - a few hours late.

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  1. Well, my first attempt at posting a comment didn't work. Or if it did, bear with me as I post it again.
    Those party things are actually called Party Blowers. I only know this because as the twins were waking up Jack and pretending to fall on him, Braeden said to Taylor, "I'll help you up Tater, hold on to my party blower". teehee... they're the cutest!