Tuesday, February 22

Jeopardy thoughts...

First of all - I'm always a little disappointed that I don't get more questions right during Teen Jeopardy. I know that some of it is because I don't know anything about Justin Bieber or the Twilight series. But tonight there were a lot of questions that I feel I should have known. The worst thing is shouting out the wrong answer. No...that is actually the second worst thing. The real worst thing is stating the wrong answer smugly. Not that it ever happens to me.

Second Jeopardy thought: Jeopardy is a word I have trouble spelling correctly quickly. I shall now just replace it with the letter J.

Third J thought: the Watson experiment...I wasn't a big fan. Maybe I didn't totally grasp the awe of the technology involved. Maybe I didn't fully understand the limitations they put on "Watson" - and I really only watched it one night... But I wasn't a fan. I did not enjoy watching Ken Jennings look less intelligent than a computer screen. Yeah...I can google answers fast and read them to you. Ken has all that in his head!! And the other guy too - I forget his name. He looks like a friend of mine though. Troy Mearkle. People who know him - am I right?

Fourth Jeopardy thought: I've gotten better at typing the name and found out the guy's name is Brad Rutter.

Final Jeopardy thought of the evening: For that 1 minute interview with Alex Trebek between the first and second halves of the first round...what would your story be? Tonight there was a girl who was explaining how her sister was named after the first czarina of Russia Alexandria (or was it the last?) and she was in a roundabout sort of way named for Nicholas (her name was Cossette which is apparently the French form of Nichole...). I want my story to be better than that one. At least.

Hot tub bound hamster is happy!

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  1. artwork, at last!!! keep experimenting, my darling!