Friday, February 11

Handbells and Hamsters

My wrist hurts a little today...I believe it is from a vigorous handbell rehearsal Thursday night. Could also be from typing up 402 hard drive serial numbers from a handwritten list. Serial numbers are weird combinations of numbers and letters. Hate that task.

Anyway - I think it is from handbells. I am going to let you in on a little secret...I like playing the handbells. I'm just not real good at it. Number one: I don't read music very well. Sometimes I can tell you WHAT the note that is marked is. Not always quickly...but usually properly. Much like the fact that I can point out Tajikistan on a map - not quickly, but accurately. With either Tajikistan OR musical notes...I know WHAT/WHERE...but I can't tell you HOW or WHY! I can see what the note is but don't know how to get there. I sing from memory. I play handbells by knowing which is in my left hand and which is in my right hand.

Number two? I don't know how to count to 3 and see which is my left hand at the same time. Or 4. This week I'm supposed to be counting to 3. I will inevitably at some point count to 4 instead. This will put me 1/3 behind everyone else for several measures. Until I panic and stop playing altogether. But I LOVE doing it! So I would very much appreciate it if the congregation will close their eyes and let the music wash over them. This will enable me to count quietly to myself without wondering if I look like an idiot talking to myself.

We are going to do a very nice duet of handbell choir and organ in an arrangement of Amazing Grace. The amazing F. Johnson Scott III on organ (I would dearly love to wander off onto a tangent of Johnson Scott worship here...but it has been a long day. I shall reserve the right to comment on his talent at another date.) and the lovely Mari White Smallshaw directing her ragtag band of ding-a-lings. (Yeah - THE Mari White from radio fame. I have the coolest friends. She's married to Steve Smallshaw who was a reporter on WDBJ (I think that is right). Yeah. THE Steve Smallshaw - I'm totally connected.)

We're also going to sing a verse. Um...yikes. Come on over and enjoy. Centenary UMC at 11am on Sunday. Rivermont Avenue. I will look like a hamster in the headlights...but secretly (don't tell anybody) - I'm having a great time!!!

Hamster delightfully entertained - but blindfolded.

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