Saturday, February 12

To Coke or Not to Coke

The regular readers of The Beaten Hamster know that on Tuesday I was driven to drink by a series of stressors at work. I drank a Coke. And it wasn't Saturday. I asked myself then if I would drink a coke when Saturday rolled around or if I would make it all the way to the next Saturday.

I have decided to enjoy my Coke Saturday without guilt. Ok, with very little guilt. I actually have an over developed sense of guilt. I may have been Catholic in another life. I was told once that I was hanged in a former life. (I typed that first as "I was hung in another life" then heard a voice say "that's what she said"...and so I edited myself. But I'm still snickering like a 5th grader.) The thing was - apparently I was guilty of whatever it was that I was hanged for. Don't know how much store I put by those things - but seems plausible.

So - today I worked on projects at the church...I helped move a toolbox (ok, I was a spectator for that - but I did fetch sandwiches)...I hugged Jennie good-bye. Saw a great basketball game starring my nephew Jack. My wonderful mother has made the delightful dinner of corned beef hash and eggs. And I shall drink a Coke. And I shall enjoy it.

Hamster beaten, egg over easy.

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