Monday, February 21

Mental Lint-Picking

I have asked my nephew Jack on more than one occasion, "what is going on inside your head right now?" I usually ask him that when he is glazed over and staring off into space. One might think that his head is full of activity - dreams, images, plans, schemes. Or - the truth may be closer to what I usually surmise "a dial tone, static, bees"

There are days I would like to be able to get my head to tune to nothing. I would like to be able to answer the question "what's on your mind" with "nothing". But alas - although I can't necessarily pinpoint what's on my is never nothing.

Topics that have spun through my mind in the last 30 seconds:
work - including drivers, routes, clients, collection calls and the boss being on vacation
Disney World - don't know why, just occurred to me
Harry Potter
A challenge from the Lynchburg United Methodist district superintendent
and lint.

I'm off to watch Greek and see if it is possible to think about nothing. I think not.

Navel gazing just beginning.

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